Monday, February 14, 2011

Non-bucket list....

Things I will never do before I die:

5) Succumb to best commercial marketing scheme ever: Valentine's Day. It makes me want to vomit and not because I am not in love. I am all about sharing the love, except when it's a commercial mastermind scheme. I am sweaty from track practice starting today, and we just ate leftover pizza. Now I'm grading papers. All in rebellion of this stupid 'holiday'. Take that, V day.

4) Own a minivan, no matter how many kids I pop out. Taking the driver's test to get my license in my mom's AQUA Lumina was enough for me.

3) Call Brent hubby. Even "my husband" in lieu of his name makes me cringe, although sometimes it's unavoidable.

2) Like John Mayer

1) Own a mounted animal. (or even pet on for that matter).

*** I know I just set myself up to deliver a taxidermist's valentine creation to my hubster while listening to John Mayer's latest lyrical masterpiece in my red lumina. Bring it, future.


amy hathaway said...

three cheers on #5! I'm having a hard time finding any girlfriends of mine who are actually into V-day.

Kim Smith said...

Hilarious. Love it.

Revolu said...

some really awesome ideas just came to mind.