Thursday, February 3, 2011


Here you have it. The much awaited running blogpost.

A friend of mine recently asked my advice about running, and while flattered, I had to set the record straight that 15 miles a week does not make me the most hardcore runner. I boiled down the basics of running for me, though, in a few thoughts.

#1) You burn roughly the same # of calories running as walking (100) a mile, so if you don't like to run, walk. You just burn them faster running.

#2) To stick with any sort of workout, you have to do what you like. I don't love every single run, but I must like something about it because I have been running at 5 AM most mornings for 2 years now. What works about that for me is a) I like to run b) I am tired and lazy after school so I just don't work out and c) I don't like to get dirty twice in a day; once I've showered I want to stay clean.

I know tons of people who don't love to run. And I get that. I am a firm believer that people can be converted to runners, but I am not convinced that everyone IS a runner. If you're on the fence, read "Born to Run" or register for a 5K and try it out. You might surprise yourself.


Dana E. said...

I'm glad you said that last bit- about not everyone is a runner. I admire you running people, because for me, this task is impossible. But I have had "runners" really argue with me, telling me that I'm supposed to be a runner as well - like it's some unwritten rule of being a human, "All humans must be runners."

While I like to hear about tips and advice for runners, it's probably more due to curiosity than really wanting to run. Thanks girl! Seriously, you've restored my faith in runners, or at least in some of them. :)

Emily Routon said...

ha ha jessie, i love the link to kate's blog! nice touch!

amy hathaway said...

I'm very much in agreement with the morning workouts. I just want to chill after work and I don't like showering twice in one day. :)